Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am almost blind !

Just my thought

I remember the first time I checked my eyes and then wore my first glasses in 2006, it was revealed that my left eyes was -2.75 and my right one was -1.25. Then the last time I checked my eyes two years ago, my left eyes was -3.50 and my right one was -3.00. And having a little dizzy in my forehead recently may means that my eyes are getting weaker.

     Make my carrotts and tomato juice
     in large amount so don't have any
     excuse having no time making it daily

Actually I have known that my eyes do not see very clearly far before 2006, indeed I think I'm born that way because I remembered seeing the moon as two in my very early years. How cool is that. :(.

I have given birth twice and both were normally. I don't know if there's any medical study about it but our traditional culture believes that giving birth normally will weaken the eyes (and the whole body). That's why 40 days after giving birth you may not watch tv, red books, etc because those will make your eyes weak permanently. And remembering this makes me regret of how stubborn I was. In spite of my thought about being born with weak eyes, still, a lot of things I did actually do hurt my eyes like when I was little, my mom used to tell me to stop reading and start sleeping and I was,  being that stubborn would read under the blanket then. And thought I was a vegetable freak since my early life, reading a lot in dim lights would make my eyes this way eventually.

And as the nowadays way of life is sourrounded by gadgets, I am going to warn all of you to ensure your eyes healthy :
  • Never read in dim lights
  • Keep your distance when watch tv, computer, laptop and smart phones.
  • Have time limit using the above
  • For the new mom,  please be patience not to force your eyes until you are in full health condition
And also, don't forget to eat vegetables and fruits with high A vitamin in them. My friend once told me that her neighbour was a woman with thick glasses. And after drinking carrots and tomato juice daily in a year, she went from thick to thin to sometimes-none glasses. I did practise it but you know, I always have excuses of having no time making it daily, so I decided to make a bottle of it so I can drink it daily with no excuse having no time to make it.
And the bottle with brownish yellow liquid you see beside it, is jamu (Indonesian traditional medicine), it is made of brown sugar, tamarind, turmeric, and water, it is good for menstrual pain, body slimming, curing wound in your stomach, anti-inflamation and cleaning woman's intimate. But I've heard that consuming carrot daily will cause your skin yellow and consuming turmeric daily will force your kidney to work more, so I decided to drink the liquids in those bottles every other day. And though the previous sentences need further study about it, I think it is better to prevent than to cure.