Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Working Out

A few days ago, when I decluttered some parts of the house, I found my daughter's old hula hoop. It had probably been there for a year, safely hidden behind rolled unused carpets. I handed it to my daughter who immediately asked me how to play it. I have never been succeed swing it around my hip, and usually I will refuse whenever someone asked me to do it. But since this is my daughter's request, I think why not.

Working out is never be my routine. And it has never been written on my daily list. I thought being busy taking care of the house and family all day is considered a long exercise. But may be I was wrong. Eventough I lost about 7 kgs since delivering my second baby, it is not thight in all of my body parts.

Staying fit and healthy is in my list now and off course in the list for my children as well. I already give them vegetable daily and as Fatimah is already 9 months old now, I start giving her finger foods which I begin with well cooked carrot.

So, since the hula hoop reappearance, I play it daily with my daughters. At least, one minute a day. The rhythm of playing will be : place the hoop around my body, try to roll it, it falls, I pick it up, try again, falls, pick, try, fall, pick, try and it's continuing so.

I still never been succeed now, but it's just fun to see my daughters laugh at my ridiculous movements.

And for not a sporty person like me. This is quiet an exercise !