Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pregnant again, unexpected, undissapointed

So yes, I'm pregnant again. It's something unexpected as Fatimah is still one and a half year old and is still breastfed. But it's also something undissapointed as me and my husband don't make two as the limit of our children.

I didn't use anymodern contraception post Fatimah's birth so it's not surprising that I got this pregnancy now. I didn't take anypill or injection or spiral to prevent pregnancy but I did this one thing an old woman told me said 'natural' way to prevent pregnancy. She said that if we had a baby that is still breastfed, then breastfed her before you 'spoil' your husband in bed. That will prevent pregnancy.
Well, it's weird. But actually we succesfully practised it when Fahira, my eldest girl was still a baby. When she was about 22 months old,I stop milking her and soon afterward I was pregnant. But unluckily, it was blighted ovum, so we had to let it go. Then a year after, I had Fatimah in my womb.

My daily intake during pregnancy months.

As this is my third (fourth, if the blighted ovum one is included) pregnancy, I hope the experiences I have before would be usefull to apply in protecting this baby.

I hope everything will be allright.
Need your prayers and advices friends ... ;-)