Sunday, June 24, 2018

Restocking The Fridge

The Idul Fitri celebration is almost over. It is a Holy day for Muslims to celebrate the new spirit after fasting daily for the whole previous month. In Idul Fitri day we ask forgiveness from people around us, to clean our mistakes to others and let us sincerely forgive people as well. As celebration day it is, food is prepared. We welcome guests and we come to our families' home too, where they also provide food. This will happen for about a week. In my country, where Muslims are the majority, it's hard to find a food store that opens that day because most people are in holiday. So I filled the fridge with food a few days before. And now, it's time to restocking again.

The pictures above are about the reducing stocks of eggs, some instant noodles for emergency meals, a plate of leftover fish, a little spinach and some snacks. A lot of nearby food stores are not open yet, so I must go to the traditional market to buy food.

These are what I bought : Some fish, carrots, Indonesian spices : shallots, ginger, chillies. I found cheap limes, the sweet ones, and cheap carrots. So I bought a lot of them to be made juices later.

And yeah. I also have these mangoes given by my auntie when we visit her at home on the holy day. Slurp, home grown fruit must be delicious.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Farisha : Play Outside

Farisha loves to play outside, but we don't have any backyard for her to play freely. Luckily, we live in a neighborhood that has friends to play with my children.

They play in the path between our homes, and we just have to watch and warn our children about the motorcycles or cars that pass by, although it's not often, because this path is cul de sac, so the vehicles passing usually belong to our neighbours and they run slowly.


Our children usually play with their bicycles, scooters or play hide and seek, running etc. Sometimes, they had quarrels among them, but usually, they will forget it in 5 minutes and play again.

I let my 2,5 years old Farisha play outside with her sisters and friends after her sister come home from school and have the afternoon bath. The plus side : when they play by themselves, they will learn to socialize and I can have my me time (which usually spend by cleaning the house. :-( )


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fatimah : I Love My Father

My husband loves to play with our daughters and that makes them love him a lot, mostly for his patience to listen to their stories. Although it is me who spend more time with them daily at home, my husband tends to know everything about Fahira's school, Fatimah's wound or the funny thing Farisha did at home, because he loves to listen to them, and gain trust from them to tell him everything.

The Father and baby Fatimah

Specially for the strong-minded Fatimah. Arguing in a high-pitch voice with her will not resulting anything good. But with her father's calm tone, sometimes the voice that showed a controlled anger, will usually do better result. I really hope the good relationship among my husband and children will last until forever.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fahira : Planting My Own Jasmine

Fahira loves to pick our neighbour's jasmine and put it on her hair. The owner of the jasmine lets her does that daily in the evening when the children in the neighbourhood play together near her home.
I then decided to grow one in our own land and asked for a little of her jasmine for me to plant at home, the dear old grandmother gave me.

I told Fahira to do the planting, and she was so glad doing that.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Everybody loves clean home. Clutter free home, dust free stuff, easy-to-find personal things ; this is what everybody had in mind when connected with the word 'home'. Or at least, that's what I always see on people's instagram when they post something with the word #home.

That is my dream as well actually. But having 3 creative little girls, I think I must wait a little (years?) bit more to accomplish it. Right now, what I am having is toys everywhere home even there are containers I told them to put them all after playing but they keep on being everywhere. 

But the most eyesore thing we have at home is dirty walls. My daughters write on all the walls. Stressing.

The fasting month and the Idh Holy day are approaching. So we decided to make a change at home, and what I mean is repaint and cleaning the wall.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Being a Parent is no Picnic

To me, being a mother is an adventure from the very beginning. Feeling my babies kicking in my womb, preparing names for them etc is an exciting feeling. But, when they already be in the world, the real adventure had begun.

First, it was quite stressing and happy feeling at the same time. I feel stress whenever my baby cried and I don't know what's wrong, plus I live in my parents in law's home and if I cannot make her calm, I was so afraid of being thought as a bad mother (thought it was just my feeling, it was not happening anyway). But, seeing my baby's funny thing is also a happy feeling, I cannot explain the beauty of being a mother and see our little people unless you are one. It can only be felt by a parent.

There are a lot of feelings of being a parent, but really, it's included less sleep, a lot of tiring job, sadness, angry and pity at the same time. There are a lot of tasks to be completed and everything. Too much of them to be described and I think I'm not in the mood to dramatized it now.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fahira : Daily Tasks

My first daughter, Fahira, is a third grader. When she was being a first and second grader, she used to be an (forced) early bird, because her school started at 7.15 pm. Due to the lack of classes, the school made the third grader be in the afternoon shift, starting at 12.45-16.30 pm. Fahira then started to wake up late. I let her, because I'm afraid that she will be sleepy in her class.

Until a few days ago, when we had a chat and I told her about the fun things I did with Farisha in the morning. I talked about the beautiful sunshine, and how the day is not so hot and so comfortable to have breakfast outside while watching the birds and greet the neighbors who pass by our home to their schools or work. That makes Fahira would to experience the same well and told how fun it would be if she could help me clean the house before school etc. I said that I'm not wanting to tell her everything she should do everyday instead, I want her to think of what she wants to do to spend her day, and I told her to decide and set her own itinerary daily and if she write it down probably I could help her reach her goal.

So she did it. She even add a little decoration as a background. So, let's get started, and Bismillah, I hope it works.