Saturday, February 17, 2018

Being a Parent is no Picnic

To me, being a mother is an adventure from the very beginning. Feeling my babies kicking in my womb, preparing names for them etc is an exciting feeling. But, when they already be in the world, the real adventure had begun.

First, it was quite stressing and happy feeling at the same time. I feel stress whenever my baby cried and I don't know what's wrong, plus I live in my parents in law's home and if I cannot make her calm, I was so afraid of being thought as a bad mother (thought it was just my feeling, it was not happening anyway). But, seeing my baby's funny thing is also a happy feeling, I cannot explain the beauty of being a mother and see our little people unless you are one. It can only be felt by a parent.

There are a lot of feelings of being a parent, but really, it's included less sleep, a lot of tiring job, sadness, angry and pity at the same time. There are a lot of tasks to be completed and everything. Too much of them to be described and I think I'm not in the mood to dramatized it now.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fahira : Daily Tasks

My first daughter, Fahira, is a third grader. When she was being a first and second grader, she used to be an (forced) early bird, because her school started at 7.15 pm. Due to the lack of classes, the school made the third grader be in the afternoon shift, starting at 12.45-16.30 pm. Fahira then started to wake up late. I let her, because I'm afraid that she will be sleepy in her class.

Until a few days ago, when we had a chat and I told her about the fun things I did with Farisha in the morning. I talked about the beautiful sunshine, and how the day is not so hot and so comfortable to have breakfast outside while watching the birds and greet the neighbors who pass by our home to their schools or work. That makes Fahira would to experience the same well and told how fun it would be if she could help me clean the house before school etc. I said that I'm not wanting to tell her everything she should do everyday instead, I want her to think of what she wants to do to spend her day, and I told her to decide and set her own itinerary daily and if she write it down probably I could help her reach her goal.

So she did it. She even add a little decoration as a background. So, let's get started, and Bismillah, I hope it works.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fatimah : Understanding Numbers

My Fatimah is more than 4 years and a half now. She will be five on May. How time flies..

What a 4,5 year old girl should accompish in her milestone? Alhamdulillah, I think she passes all well ; she can dress herself, brushes her own teeth, and sometimes bathes herself when I am busy. She loves coloring and playing with pen and book eventhough what she wrote is unknown. Her older sister goes to school daily at midday and comes back at 5 pm so she used to see her sister preparing her schools things. She loves seeing her sister's coloring pencils, and sometimes, insists to have the same utilities as her sister's. I did buy it, but it keeps on vanishing and she keeps on wanting her sister's thing and it will start the quarrel and fight; That's the art of having more than one child.

Fatimah can speak the numbers from 1 to 20 but will perform mess if she is told to speak further. She will say 20, 32, 17 and anynumber she would like to say. But she cannot write anynumber perfectly.
Though it is not essential to really capable to do that as she is not even in the kindergarden yet, I think as a start, I will step in.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Farisha : Don't pass the breakfast

What should my two year old child eat everyday? It was my question to myself about 7 years ago when I have my first child, she was a picky eater, and often refused what I offered her to eat. Those were stressing days when I had to think a lot to prepare the best and eye-catching meal so she would be interested to try a bit. Or tried to hide a vegetable in a scrambled egg, or inside a rice ball or inside a chicken meat. Sometimes the result worth the effort but sometimes it was left for me to finish what I had made.

But, it was the story of 7 years ago, when she was still the only child of mine. She is almost turns 9 now, and still a picky eater, but now I can use the gesture of making my eyes bigger to force her putting a pinch a veggie on her plate. Hahaha.

When my first girl turned 4, we gave her  a sister, and 2 years later, we presented her another sister. And thank God, the sisters are not picky eaters, in fact, they love vegetables.
Fahira, Fatimah and Farisha are the names of my girls, starting from the eldest. Now, Farisha is two years and a half and she is an early bird.

In my mind, being an early bird is a good thing a person can be, one can see a beautiful morning, enjoy fresh air and start the day with a good feeling. But in the realistic world I am living, having an early bird child means I must play with her while in my mind I'm thinking of the unfinished housework I want to finish before noon.

So, I choose not to be stress and better enjoy the moments I can share with her because time flies so fast, and suddenly she will be so big in a blinking of eyes.

So every morning when both of us awake and everybody in the house still asleep, I prepare her breakfast, because a full stomach would make a child calmer than if she is hungry. Skipping breakfast will result her to mess everything that I've done, simply because she is hungry.

The plus thing about my little girl is that she is not picky eater so I can give her anything I have on hand and then she will have her breakfast outside, while I took care of the plants ; watering, cleaning the yard etc.

Today her simple breakfast is rice and scramble egg with celery and shallots. Served warm.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Massage without masseur

I am a mother. At home, I deal with everything. From cleaning to ironing, and also be a good listener to my husband, about his job, his friends etc. And to take care of my 3 daughters, and a father in law. Be a mother is a multi-tasking job, but really is satisfying when everything is done right.
Doing all of these domestic routine, make me able to do things I was not able to do when I was still single.

Am I tired ? Yes, physically I do. While the inner side of me feels so self-composed at the end of the day -- to see the 3 sleeping face, then have a tea and have a chat with my husband and enjoy the night sky or tv programme --, my hands, feet and back sometimes feel stiff. For sure, a husband to massage is a perfect happiness, but it doesn't always happen to be a reality, he himself is tired too, so we better enjoy the night relaxing together.

Thank God, in my country, this hot balm is very popular. A lot of people use it to cure stiff and to prevent cold. But, off course, one shouldn't use it daily, because of the hot feeling, it might hurt the skin. There are a lot of brands here, but I love this lavender one the most ; it is not burning hot, and the smell is lavender. I simply apply it on my back, shoulder, or feet, and the heat will massage me like a masseur.

The hot balm could also be apply on the stomach and chest when we feels like we are about to have cold. But after all, it is just a preventive solution, when we really are sick, just go to the doctor.