Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Farisha Ramadhani, our youngest girl. 8 months old. She can already sit, crawl and try to stand. But she doesn't have anytooth yet.
She drinks breast milk and eat solid which I change every couple of days. Because the solids keep changing, she will eat the first bite suspiciously, taste it first before deciding to like it or not.
Here is a picture of her first bite of everymeal. Hahahaha.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Fatimah Maysarah. Our second daughter. Almost 3 years old. She is the most active of my three daughters. The fearless one. She is the one who is brave enough not to say sorry to us, her parents, when she made mistakes and doesn't feel like saying sorry. It's not that she's naughty, she is just being frank with her feeling. I know, I must figure up better way to treat her with her unique character.
One thing about Fatimah that tests me as parent. She always wakes up at night, crying loudly. It has been since she was a baby. I've checked everything, whether she is hungry, too tired, not comfortable clothes or bed, or if there's an insect bites her. I'ved checked it all. And then I found out that she has itchs all over her body mostly legs. We went to doctors to get medicines to cure it. They said it's alergy, but we must find out, what thing is alergetic to her.
I started finding out from food. I took some food that I thought migh be alergetic, out of her daily meals per week. But, the itch was still there, even when she was already vegetarians.
We went to the doctor again, he said then probably it was not froom food, might be the air or water then he gave us a kind of cream to reduce it.
Well, the air is probably right, I thought. We live in Indonesia, a tropical country, where the average temperature is 18-32°c all year long. It's the heat.
Then I tried to make the room cooler by swithing the fan all night long, but didn't place it right towards her and applied the cream given by the doctor after bath and before sleep. The cream did make the watery little bumps dry, but it didn't make the itchs gone.
Until just a few weeks ago, when I had a chat with my neighboors, fellow homemakers, one evening. We talked about children, food etc. Long story short, they suggested me using 'Karo oil' for Fatimah. Karo is a name of one of the ehnic groups in my country. My country Indonesia has a lot of ethnic groups with their own languages, cultures, traditions and alternative medicines.
I tried to apply the oil on her when she is asleep. And, it really works like magic. She doesn't wake up and cry that very night. I don't know the ingredients of the oil, but I can smell the mix of pandanese leaf, clove and ginger in it. Now, I apply it on her after bath and before sleep, it dry the watery little bumps on fatimah's skin but mosturize the skin in the same time.
Now, I'll try to eliminate the scars left on her skin.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Fahira Azzahra, my eldest daughter. She is almost 7 years old now. I keep wondering a lot of times, how time flies so fast. Sometimes, I still remember her as that tiny baby. And now, she is in the first grade already. She can read, write, count. Hmmmm, my big girl. I'm feeling kind of old. :-P.
The other thing that makes me proud of her is that she loves cleaning. She likes to offer help when I'm doing house work. 
Like this afternoon, I took candid pictures of her sweeping and scrubbing the floor of the little terrace. Ours is very tiny one. We rent this house 4 months ago. A small house, unlike when we still live with my mother in law's house. But we're okay with it. Starting small is a good thing. My daughter will learn to clean small space first before stepping to a bigger one when we can afford to buy a house.
Her work is quite tidy, not perfect. But I adore her, adore her willing to do. I always say great job, even if l will redo it later (but not in most cases). This little girl needs support in this age. She will learn to fix her own mistakes if she does it frequently. As Indonesian proverb says "Alah bisa, karna biasa" "You can, when you make yourself used to it".