Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fahira : My curious lovely girl

Some questions can't be answered

I've graduated from school. My mark is not bad. I feel like I'm quiet clever ---- but I still can't seem to answer some of my daughter's questions, frankly, google is needed.

Well, what are the questions?

I know the answers of school lessons questions, like maths or english. I know the answers of basic science questions but it requires a lot of explanations and she doesn't even understand sometimes. I know the answer of sexual questions but I am embarrassed to say.

By showing Fahira's question that I'm unable to answer here, will somebody advice me how to reply her properly?

1. Mom, you are the who gave birth to me and breastfed me, how can my face be like daddy? (While seeing her father pic when he's her age)

My answer was, because he is your father. Hhhhhh.

2. How can the baby be in your womb? (When I was pregnant)

My answer : God sent her here

3. Why we cry when somebody is died if you said she is already happy with God?

My answer : Because we're not able to see her again until we died.

4. Why it's snowing in the western and it isn't here?

My answer : 'showing a ball'. This is the earth, we're in the middle. We have the bright sun all year so it's not cold enough for snowing.

5. How does a fish sleep?
My answer : I don't know

6. How do they make a plane?

My answered : There's a factory where planes are made