Sunday, April 10, 2016


When I was a young girl, I remember my mom always hug and kiss me before sleeping at night saying "selamat bobok ya nak" (Have a nice sleep my girl). And to me it was so comforting. I do the same thing to my girls now to ensure them experiencing the same comfort like I did.
I ever read that touch is more than words expressing love. I agree. When I was a single, worked, far from parents, rented a room. I felt like I was free. Yes, I was free to do what I like, eat what I want, go wherever I loved to. I didn't think I miss a thing.  But, I did miss those touches. Sometimes, I just didn't know what to do. I lost direction. I need to be touched, hugged, loved. Then I got married, have children and then I found out why it is said that marriage will make your life complete. I hug and kiss my husband and children everyday. We even kiss and hug one another when we just wake up in the morning and still that smell. At this stage I think touches as the expression of acceptance. You don't need to be somebody else to be loved. You even don't have to take a bath first, ha!
I know, not every family has a routine of hugging and kissing as an expression of love. But if you are the mother of the house, I encourage you to start now, even if your children are already a big person. Sometimes they experience rejection out there. Why don't we hug them often to show that  they are loved nomatter what. It will booze self-confidence.
And anyway, hugging your husband everymorning, even when you just had a quarell, will show forgiveness and add romance. I tried it before. It felt awkward first, but it did fix the relationship. :)