Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fahira : Our time

Everyone knows that parents have responsibility to give love and care to their children, but not everyone realizes that giving equal love is as important. When you have children, you probably spend time with one child more than the other, it could be because he is the youngest or if he is sick or has special need and care. We thought we are being a fair parent, but our child might think we're not.

I could say this because it happens to me myself : the extra time I gave for Fatimah and Farisha caused a jeaulousy to Fahira. The latter is big enough to take care for herself while the other two are in very active stages of life, so I used to tell Fahira to do things wiithout assisting ( take a bath, clean her room etc ). Oh yes, I still kiss her, love her, and speak nice and gentle to her, but it's just seldom to have me just for her. The result ? She keeps craving for attention, which often make me mad. Saying she cannot sleep alone, needs me to accompany her, or she's not able to make her bed, needs me to show her how, and she keeps on forgetting to bring her towel and needs me to take it to her after bath. Those everyday routine she does since last year suddenly need my assistance again.

First, I thought that she's just being spoiled, but then I remember watching a "super nanny" episode where the situation is about the same like what I'm dealing with now. And Ms. Jo Frost suggests to spend time only with the child.

Ok, I tried. I then assist Fahira doing her homework when her sisters are taking a nap, and be in her bed when her sisters are sleeping at night to listen to her stories, what she's been through that day, her friends, school etc. And actually, it's a win-win solution, she felt she's loved as much as her sisters by me. And I become closer to her. And the plus side ? She's even willing to help me without being asked, including taking care of her sisters. Nomore jealousy. :-D

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